Linkage 5/4/15

Willow Maclay on Under The Skin as an allegory for transgender experience.

Casey Plett on the problem with cisgender authors writing trans charcters:

“Each protagonist is a chosen one, a lone wolf plodding on against adversity. They do no wrong; they remain gentle and stoic in the face of difficulty. Whatever imperfections they show are forgiven, usually by dint of gender trouble. […] This might make for inspiring reading, but it’s odd to spend a few hundred pages with someone who goes through hell and emerges with all the flaws of a Disney hero. The reader scarcely knows anything about the characters’ inner lives.”

A trip to the abandoned Russian mining town of Pyramiden on the Arctic peninsula of Svalbard.

Hollywood Reporter’s oral history of Mad Men, featuring Matthew Weiner, the principal players, and vital behind-the-scenes figures.

“The Shut-In Economy” and how app/online-based services thrive in unequal societies.

Speaking of inequality, “Americans actually live in Russia, although they think they live in Sweden.”

First and final frames of great films, side by side (by Jacob T. Swinney).


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